Our Mission at Gold & Diamonds Prospectors is to provide custom, one of a kind jewelry; slashing our competitors prices in half.  Why pay an overpriced jewelry store to get a common, run of the mill piece of jewelry?

We offer custom jewelry that is as unique as she is.

  • The process is simple, fun, and will save you money.
  • Everyone has a budget in mind, with our custom engagement rings we can take your budget and get your a higher quality setting with larger more brilliant diamonds.
  • We offer a selection of hundreds of unique high quality settings of any style imaginable.   
  • After a setting is selected we will help you pick the perfect diamond.
  • You will have a choice of size, clarity, color to fit the ideal stone you've been looking for.
  • The ring will be professionally set, sized, re-rhodium plated and polished to meet all of your needs.

Stunning, customizable, unique.

Let Gold & Diamond Prospectors create the perfect ring to last a lifetime.